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The system controls budget information for Employment Cost and Headcount . With it, the company can define numerous scenarios and become more agile in creating and comparing them. In addition, we have a very fast tool in the generation of reports, making work more productive and saving more time for analysis. This is all based on the security of data which is encrypted, relying on several market protocols in regard to combating attacks on the network.

Basically, when we create a budget, we define the structure of employees with their respective allocations within cost centers, positions and salary levels. And, most importantly, we parameterize the premises for the funds. However, we know that it is not such a simple task to update employee data with its numerous characteristics in a new system. For this reason, SCORB eases this process through model spreadsheets that can be imported or simply by copying and pasting the data through the clipboard.

Who We are

For over 20 years, our company has always sought to serve the best possible way by building programs for customers of various sizes. During this time we have reinvented ourselves many times to keep up with the market and technological advances.

We can say that we are very well prepared for the HR market because we acquired knowledge for years which allowed the creation of tools very well endowed with flexibility for the managers and analysts in this line of business. And, for sure, we will not stop there! Every day we are improving our products through constant learning and with the fundamental participation of those who make the system evolve the most: Our clients.

Our Clients

Much more than customers, they are partners in our constant evolution. Our system is designed along with our partners, great influencers in its development, seeking the best solutions for your business. As a result, we have a system totally designed for the specific needs of each client, meeting their expectations. That's it! We implement the request of the new client making it better for everyone.






Some of Our Reports

The system offers a platform through a technology focused on the WEB
Key points

  • The system uses a cloud environment with robust high performance servers (SaaS);
  • There is no need for any additional tools, software or hardware. Therefore, it eliminates any extra costs on workstations or on the server;
  • There is no user limit;
  • There is no limit of number of employees in the scenarios;
  • There is no limit of scenarios;
  • When upgrading the software version, reinstalling the system on the server will be transparent to the user.
The system uses features that allow complete reliability in data security.
  • Data encryption makes any identification of employees impossible, even by the company's IT team;
  • The system allows the use of the native password or the SSO set up (Single Sign On);
  • Access to the system can be configured through a range of IPs, thus limiting access to the system only from within the company
  • Any information generated in the system is automatically recorded in the LOG database, which can be retrieved at any time by designated users;
  • The system has mandatory HTTPS activation
  • The system is regularly checked on several security tools and we maintain 100 % success against listed attacks and vulnerabilities.
The data registered in SCORB follows a flow based mainly on the organization of cost centers
  • The distribution of cost centers follows a pre-defined organization for employees;
  • The allocation of these employees is basically defined, informing the salary level, position, type of employee and cost center, and the periodicity of one or more allocations;
  • The allocation allows the employee to be part or not of the Headcount aggregation;
  • The allocation allows the apportionment of the employee's cost among several cost centers;
  • Headcount can also have weight. Whith means, a headcount for a vacancy can have a weight of 10 and represent 10 vacancies at the same time;
  • The Headcount can also have a factor to represent 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%. Very useful when we have employees with different work schedules;
  • Salary levels (Grade) are linked to funds. This type of organization speeds up the registration of a new employee, as he automatically inherits the funds configured for each level;
  • The employee register has a structure to inform actual values ​​and expected salaries;
  • In addition to the original basic structure already in the system, the user can create new tables or columns that will be used in reports and calculations.
With the import of data, all tables in the database can be fed with files generated by spreadsheets or similar.
  • Avoid rework in the register;
  • Import can be done through template files in spreadsheet format or;
  • Select multiple rows in a spreadsheet and simply use the CTRL C + CTRL V resource to make the transfer;
  • Import data related to the company's inventory for monthly update

Some Examples of Data

A series of predefined formulas cover almost all existing situations for funds, allowing the operator to determine rates, percentages and values ​​that will affect these calculations.
  • The SCORB calculation engine allows the definition of each formula to focus on the result of one or more events, using an algorithm that prioritizes the execution queue without user intervention, which means, a sum is only executed if its calculation base is already solved;
  • Certain calculations, such as the ones needed to calculate benefits like Health and Dental Insurance, may refer to a table of plans;
  • The use of satellite tables created by the user himself to help in the solution of certain funds is simpler than the use of the vlookup (procv) function widely used in Excel;
  • In addition to all the calculations defined for each type of budget, the system has a series of parameters that can be used to readjust the values ​​monthly, keeping them updated according to the indexes adopted by the company;
  • Named values ​​facilitate the use in formulas - We can define that a value will be represented by a name and so where that name is used it will represent the value. Assuming that this name is placed in countless funds, when the value of that name is changed, it will not be necessary to change it in all the funds where it is located;
  • Functions can be defined by the user, constituting an advanced solution for basically any problem.
SCORB makes it possible to create countless scenarios according to the needs of your simulations
  • Each scenario can contain infinite years of budget data.
  • With the creation of scenarios it is possible to:
    • Simulate operations without the risk of change or the loss of important data from other scenarios;
    • Compare scenarios;
    • Copy data from one scenario to create another;
    • Dispose the appropriate scenario thus that areas of the company can define their own budgetary framework, streamlining the work of the Compensation and Benefits Sector.
SCORB has a very easy deployment methodology
  • 1 - Survey of the employee data structure and cost center.
  • 2 - Survey of funds and their formulas.
  • 3 - Proof of Concept (PoC), to assure the customer that all formulas will be attended, thereby proving the efficiency of the system.
  • 4 - Training and deployment take place at the same time.
  • 5 - Access release to the tool for testing.
  • 6 - With the system tested, we offer support so that the user can carry out all their budgets autonomously.

Other Modules on SCORB

Check how SCORB can help with the planning of your company, get to know our modules:


In this option, the system offers the control of the main amounts that each employee is entitled to: Medical, Dental Assistance, Nursery Assistance and Babysitter Assistance, Life Insurance, Private Pension Plans, Transportation, Meal and Food Vouchers, and Pharmacy Assistance.

Comming soon


Through this module, the client will be able to define the position and salary table for his company and integrate it with research and performance evaluation programs for his employees.

Comming soon


Imagine that you wanted to know what is right or not within your company! With the profile, the employee can see how his benefits are, understand how to be entitled to them and know exactly what was discounted monthly.

Comming soon

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SCORB is ready for use. Our Infrastructure is prepared with a fast and secure environment to store your company's data.SCORB is ready for use. Our Infrastructure is prepared with a fast and secure environment to store your company's data.


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